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Astrid is a light-hearted, playful, spiritual seeker whose dynamic classes will make you laugh, teach you something helpful, and quite possibly, kick your butt. Astrid is certified in the Pranakriya yoga tradition by Yoganand Michael Carroll, where she learned to combine the deeper meditative practices of tantric hatha yoga with her love of ashtanga inspired vinyasa. A firm believer in the philosophy that it is better to be “a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of somebody else” (thank you, Judy Garland, for the quote), Astrid understands that yoga has the power to help us love and accept ourselves for who we truly are, and to shine our own unique light into the world, however beautiful, idiosyncratic, or dorky that light may be. In addition to teaching in and around Atlanta, Astrid also teaches yoga and hiking retreats throughout the summer months in the North Georgia mountains. An Ambassador for Lululemon’s Lenox location, Astrid loves old people, young people, kale, Bob Dylan, handstands, poetry, wild animals, and nerdy movies. When she’s not on her mat, you can find her cavorting around the wilderness with her dogs, Leo and Loretta Lynn.