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Kim is a certified hot sequence teacher and has been teaching for three years. She recently relocated to Atlanta with her husband Shawn and two-year-old son Caleb from Buffalo, NY. Kim first came to the yoga room in college, where she attained a BA in English with a minor in writing. At that time, yoga was purely a means of physical exercise for Kim. But as she continued to show up to herself in the mirror, she got to really know herself and found healing from all the grief she had been carrying around since her mom died.

Kim came to Atlanta right out of college to pursue an internship with Atlanta magazine and found Ember shortly after it opened. She fell in love with the studio and practiced often. Jeff then approached her about teacher training, but she wasn't quite ready. After moving back to buffalo and continuing to practice, another studio owner approached Kim with the same opportunity and even though she still couldn't see the way, she finally decided to take the leap of faith and pursue her passion! Kim started her yoga teacher training in February 2012 in Santa Barbara, CA and has been teaching as much as possible every since. Her favorite part about teaching is that it is simply an extension of the practice, one that reminds Kim she will forever be a student herself, always learning new things.

Kim realizes that most people walking in the door have no idea what the practice is truly about, but she seeks to help her students understand the powerful ways it can impact their lives in every class. She loves to push her students to be the best that they can be, to teach new things in every class, and to inspire everyone who steps foot in the hot room. Kim has strong faith in God, something not too common in the yoga world, and is grateful that He has allowed her to use this incredible practice to positively impact the lives of so many others.