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Valentine's Benefit Class for Preemptive Love


This 75-minute Vinyasa Flow will focus on the heart center — the anahata chakra — the seat of the true Self. We will open and connect to this sacred center through a combination of meditation, static asana, and fluid movement. Experiencing and nourishing the intuitive voice within, we will work peace and healing in the world by first cultivating it within.

“As large as the Universe outside, there is a Universe within the lotus of the heart. Within it are the sky and Earth, the sun, the moon, all the planets, and all the stars. Though the body is bound by time, the lotus of the heart is timeless... The true self dwelling therein is untouched by any deed, any story, any judgement, and resides in all her glory.” - Chandogaya Upanishad

This class is a community class - donate any amount and all proceeds will be donated to Preemptive Love.

Later Event: March 1
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