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Astrid Santana


Astrid Santana

Devin received his 200HR RYT training under the joyously unique eye of John Merideth. After first being introduced to Hatha Yoga in the midst of an intensive swimming regiment to gain balance and body awareness it wasn't until he came to Ember that he discovered the true magic of yoga. He found his calling during an Ashtanga Primary Series class in parivrtta parsva konasana and it was there he knew that there was something more to tap into. I guess you could say he felt the cosmic wave of which the yoga mat was the surfboard. 

You can find Devin in a myriad of classes, including Ashtanga based Vinyasas, Bikram sequences, Restorative, though he admits he thoroughly enjoys the glorified Hip Opening classes. While still finding his new groove in this yogic path, Devin is constantly drawing inspiration from as many new sources as possible. Always finding new insights to help deepen his style and develop new techniques while still staying true to the Ashtanga practice. 

He loves introducing new techniques and elements of sound into his mixes and tries to strategically distract you. Trying to integrate interesting, thought provoking paradoxes to help maintain a healthy distraction as opposed to the ones we usually create of our own. In providing a loving environment he tries to help give individuals the opportunity to begin the psychological process of the stilling of the mind and to abandon "disturbing" thoughts which causes ripples upon one's consciousness.