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Private Lessons


Why Private LEssons?

  • Just getting started with Yoga? Privates offer a you one-on-one environment where you can confidently build your practice in a judgement free space.

  • Have previous injuries or recovering from illness? With one -on -one instruction you can safely build strength and focus on certain areas of your body specific to - YOU!

  • Have you hit a plateau in your practice? Want to work on arm balances, inversions, core strength or go a little deeper? Privates can give you more one - on - one attention to help you reach your Yoga goals!

  • You have a loved one who LOVES YOGA? This is the perfect gift!

5 Private Lessons

  • $90/session

  • Perfect for beginners or getting back into yoga after an extended hiatus.

  • Your instructor will personalize five sessions just for you - designed to give you the tools to practice safely and effectively.

  • Answers to your questions and help guiding you in your yogic practice.

10 Private Lessons
Development Plan

  • $80/session

  • Already have some experience, and looking to expand your practice to the next level.

  • We will help develop and assist you through ten personalized sessions based on your initial meeting with your instructor and subsequent sessions.

  • Answers to your questions and guide you through your development.

Single Private LEsson

  • $100

  • Brand new to Yoga and want some tips? Already an experienced yoga practitioner, but really just can't seem to get into certain postures? Maybe your are having issues with wrists, or shoulders, lower back or hips and you need focused alignment work. We got you!

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