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Justin Michael


Justin Michael

Justin has been teaching yoga since March of 2016 and currents holds 300 hours of training, devoting continued education with his root teacher Andrey Lappa each year and also maintaining a steady home practice for over eight years prior. Over the years Justin has practiced movements from the Tibetan Five Rites to full system Universal Yoga (since meeting his teacher Andrey in 2014). Justin is a faithful practitioner and full believer of the effectiveness in Universal Yoga’s approach as a full system of yogic methods, by honoring all styles, practices, methods, and techniques for achieving authentic goal of yoga—unification.

Through these teachings, Justin shares a unique approach to styles of classes you may be already familiar with, such as Ashtanga, vinyasa, Bikram, or yin, while also providing other facets of the practice that may be unfamiliar. Justin feels all styles of yoga are important to understand and practice, that no one style is superior. He believes finding a sense of unification can look different from person to person and from day to day. Justin recognizes that knowing, respecting, and practicing this full system of yoga creates a precious opportunity for us to provide our lives with the practical means of finding balance regardless of the condition of the world or within each individual.

Whether you are looking for help with seated meditation and pranayama, or you want help with developing your asanas, vinyasas, inversions, binds, and arm balances, Justin’s sequences can provide general or specified support for all.

He hopes to see you on the mat soon!