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Hot Yoga


Ember's Hot Sequence class is an invigorating sequence of postures that works the entire body and is appropriate for all levels of experience. The class is led in a heated room with a temperature of 106 degrees and humidity of 40%. The heat warms and opens the body; enhances flexibility; releases toxins; and naturally focuses the mind to a single point of concentration. Within this environment, a truly complete sequence of postures is practiced at a deliberate pace and with thorough instruction from the teacher. Modifications and advanced variations will be introduced. With the aid of the heat, the postures will gradually optimize every facet of the body and mind. 

This class is recommended for new students and experienced students alike. This sequence of postures, practiced regularly, will build and maintain strength and flexibility and will purify the body and the mind.

Hot Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa is a powerful, physically challenging class that connects postures through vinyasa, a transition between postures that involves motion with the breath. This class is not a set sequence of yoga postures but will vary from class to class. It is always designed to strengthen and balance the entire body. The class is led in a room heated to around 95 degrees and 40% humidity which allows the student to move deep into the postures while, at the same time, detoxifying the body. The class begins with several rounds of sun salutations; moves through a challenging standing series focusing on core strength and balance; and concludes with a floor series of postures that takes the student deep into their practice. Advanced variations are taught along with modifications. All levels are welcome, some prior experience is helpful.


These intermediate/advanced level classes are a sweaty, challenging vinyasa flow yoga class. A creative and energetic set of yoga poses will explore the edge of strength, flexibility, concentration and balance. Vinyasa, the coordination of movement with the breath, creates an intense heat in the body, producing sweat and melting mental and physical resistance. This class is designed to push muscles toward greater endurance through long, deep sets of postures. Students should come prepared for an original class designed to challenge on a multitude of levels! This class is heated to around 90 degrees.


This challenging but fun class is focused on building strength and flexibility in the low back and hips. Although a basic knowledge of yoga is helpful, it's not required. In each class a unique sequence of asanas are blended in an effort to reach toward the full expression of more intricate postures such as pigeon or eka pada sirsasana (one leg behind the head). This class is heated to around 90 degrees. All levels welcome.