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Yoga for Guys


Yoga For Guys

Yoga's benefits are 100% accessible to both men and women. More and more guys are embracing yoga as they understand and experience the real world results that are accessible from a regular yoga practice.

There are many athletic benefits of yoga.

  • Weight loss: a 200lb man will burn close to 1000 calories in a 90 minute hot yoga class. Yoga also controls the appetite and naturally helps guide you towards good, nutritional food choices.
  • Weight gain: yoga optimizes and brings balance to the body so it is possible for both weight loss and gain to be benefits at the same time. Those who are too skinny will gain muscle and begin eating better as they become more in tune with their body.
  • Mind control: yoga reduces stress, increases concentration and helps bring unhealthy lifestyles under control.
  • It's challenging: for men who enjoy a challenging workout, the types of yoga classes offered at Ember will not disappoint.

Yoga Improves Athletic Performance 

From an athletic standpoint, the benefits of yoga are well known by trainers and incorporation of yoga in sporting programs is becoming mainstream. The reasons? There are many.

Yoga can enhance performance on the field or track, reduce injuries and extend a player's career. Yoga balances the body, increases flexibility, lengthens muscles, builds incredible core strength and helps with concentration. These benefits can give a player (or whole team) an advantage in sports competition. It is also easy to understand that a player who has tight muscles, tendons and ligaments is more easily injured then a player who is loose and flexible. The more degrees of freedom you body is accustomed to moving through, the more options that are available for mitigating rough contact with another player or the ground and the more finesse a player can bring to their game.

Yoga is also an incredibly restorative practice. Many sports or athletic routines can be tough on the muscular and skeletal systems, especially the joints. The yoga postures align the body, allowing injuries to heal optimally and eliminating imbalances. Many professional athletes found, or were recommended to try, yoga following an injury. The results of the healing processes at work in a regular yoga practice are so tangible that many found that their injuries healed faster and more completely then any other options, allowing them to avoid surgery and return to the game quicker.