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Ellery Long


Ellery Long

Born in California and raised in an open-minded, garden growing holistic environment, Ellery’s mom first took her to a yoga class at the age of six and was in awe of the practice ever since. Having moved to multiple states throughout Ellery’s life, yoga has been her only constant.

Ellery graduated early with high honors from the University of Oklahoma, where she earned a B.A. in Journalism. She had the opportunity to work with amazing companies, ranging from non-profits, nutrition PR firms, to major television networks. After spending time working in such high-stress environments, she decided to throw out her corporate slacks for stretchy yoga pants to spread mind and body awareness through the uplifting flow of yoga.

In 2014, Ellery received her 200RYT yoga teaching certification through Chicago’s prime Yogaview studio and is trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Now, a full-time yoga teacher, her intention is to empower others to connect to their authentic self, while expressing their greatest potential both on and off of the mat. Growing up as a Competitive Latin Ballroom dancer, her passion for organic movement and connecting the mind and body continues to be her main inspiration.

Ellery’s teaching style is Vinyasa/Hatha based with an influence of Ashtanga.  She teaches with compassion and appreciation of the individual yet encourages everyone to challenge themselves while emphasizing alignment, making it accessible to all levels. When joining her in class, expect a lively, warm flow that will ignite your energy and bring a smile to your heart.