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Margaret Lomnicka


Margaret Lomnicka

Margaret grew up in the Sandy Springs area then attended Georgia Tech where she received her degree in Architecture. Margaret discovered yoga when she was pregnant with her first child and began taking a prenatal yoga class. She was amazed at the holistic approach yoga brought to her health and well being. It helped her relax and, at the same time, increased her energy leaving her feeling light and strong. 

A few years later, Margaret found her way to a Bikram hot yoga class. The appeal of physically vigorous forms of yoga, like hot yoga, had her hooked from the beginning. Previously she had found that in many other types of fitness classes there is an emphasis on distracting you from the intensity of your experience. Hot yoga, on the other hand, turns that approach on its head. The classes she was taking encouraged her to own the experience and, through that shift of perspective, find balance in every area of life. She found it in a balance of physical strength and flexibility, in a balance of mental focus and calmness and in a balance when juggling the many different roles she plays in her family and career. 

Margaret received her certification to teach kids yoga from the Grounded Yoga program in 2010. Margaret completed her 200 hour RYT in 2012 with John Meredith.