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Meredith Hesse


Meredith Hesse

Some say that Meredith was born practicing Pilates, and after taking one of her classes and listening to her talk about how Pilates can change your life, you may agree. Meredith started her Pilates practice at the ripe old age of twelve, and quickly realized that it was a perfect compliment to her intense ballet training. Pilates helped keep Meredith balanced throughout her professional career as a ballet dancer, and led her to eventually begin a second career as an instructor. Meredith began teaching in 2000 after she received her pilates certification in the Classical Pilates method and shortly after in the Power Pilates Method.

Yoga came to Meredith later in life, when she fell in love with the Ashtanga practice. A serious back injury took her out of the ballet world and away from the intense Ashtanga series. What initially seemed to be a series of pretty poses, Meredith quickly realized that yoga could be used for rehabilitation of her injury. Meredith began studying Iyengar and the Hot Sequence. This life-changing shift led her to teacher training, and to getting her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2004.

She received her Hot 26 certification from Atlanta Hot Yoga in 2004 followed by her first 200hr certification in Correlation Vinyasa from Avril James Hurt. She began teaching yoga and pilates full time following her certifications and retired from her ballet career.

After teaching both methods for a few years Meredith went on to create Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow in 2008. This Fusion class is a combination of vinyasa flow and Pilates Mat exercises. The Fusion class is now taught throughout the Atlanta area at different studios. Meredith also leads Pilates Mat teacher training programs in the Atlanta area throughout the year.

Throughout her eighteen year career as a teacher Meredith has helped lead yoga teacher training programs in the Atlanta area, has lead yoga retreats all over the world in places as far away as Iceland and has held ambassadorships with Lululemon as well as KiraGrace.

Meredith continues her studies with Sri Dharma Mittra and credits such amazing teachers as David Swenson, Sean Corn, Bryan Kest, and William Hfschmidt with helping her become the teacher she is today. Everyday Meredith walks into the studio and begins her class - either in pilates or yoga - she feels blessed to have the amazing opportunity to teach at such a wonderful studio, and work with such a wonderful community.