Ember Yoga

Shelby Banister


Shelby Marshall

Shelby was first attracted to yoga as a physical practice that works the body and calms the mind. Early into her practice, Shelby began to suspect that yoga was intended to do much more. This experience led Shelby to believe that yoga can open you to greater possibilites in life by allowing you to see and live from your own innate beauty. Shelby is eternally grateful that her journey led her to Ember Yoga and John Merideth, who has taught her the true aim of the practice - not just to find a temporary refuge from our daily troubles, but to help directly realize the true nature of ourselves and the world around us.

Shelby believes that yoga is to be practiced in every aspect of our lives and as such, is so remarkably more profound then the asanas alone. One of Shelby's greatest joys is observing her students arrive at these realizations in the own time and see the ways yoga touches each one of them in their own lives. Shelby enjoys integrating alignment, hands on adjustments and laughter into each class.

"Now, just as we are, we can begin. No need to wait until we are more centered, stronger or happier. Now is the time and through our practice we can move into our center, our strength, our joy." Patanjali 1st Yoga Sutra